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Centurion Cbd, Gauteng, 0046

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0861NUTSMAN is committed to providing you with professional workmanship and exceptional service at a fair price.

0861NUTSMAN PTY Ltd is a registered company that has been successfully operating in Pretoria's Eastern and Southern suburbs

0861NUTSMAN Guarantee labour for up to 1Year depending on the service rendered.

Press Release from 0861NUTSMAN

Steel Works [Saturday, June 25, 2011]


Gates                             Construct, supply, install and repair security gates, motor gates and expandable gates

Galvanize                      Supply, manufacture and install galvanized products

Engineering                 Fitting, turning, “once off” repairs

Safe Haven                  Design, manufacture, install and repair to World Class standards

Fencing                        Supply and install palisade, game, pool, razor and electric fencing

Balustrades               Design, manufacture, install and repair

Carports                      Design, construct, renovate and repair               

Welding                        Construct and repair aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and galvanized products

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Building [Saturday, June 25, 2011]

Brick Work                     Construction, renovations, repairs and additions

Dry Wall                           Installation repairs and demolishing

Shop Fitting                     Supply, installation and repairs

Ceilings                            Installation, renovation and repairs

Facial Boards                 Installation, renovation and repairs

Cornish                            Installation, renovation and repairs

Rhino Light                      Application, renovation and repairs

Crack Repairs                 Professional small to extensive crack repairs
Paving                                Walkway, driveway, patio, wall, poor surround and landscaping

Pre-cast Concrete          Supply, installation, renovating and repairs

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Air Conditioning [Saturday, June 25, 2011]

Inverter                                       Supply and install energy saving inverters

Industrial                                    Supply, install and repair

Commercial                               Supply, install and repair

Residential                                 Supply, install and repair

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Irrigation [Saturday, June 25, 2011]

Planning                                      Professional irrigation systems
Manual                                        Supply, install and repair
Automatic                                   Supply, install and repair
Micro                                           Supply, install and repair     
Drip                                              Supply, install and repair
Dragline                                      Supply, install and repair
Portable                                      Supply, install and repair
Gray Water                                 Supply, install and repair
Mist Systems                            Supply, install and repair

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