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160 Jan Smuts Avenue Rosebank , Gauteng, 2196

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ARC Telecoms is a converged IP telecommunications service provider dedicated to mid-sized businesses in South Africa. ARC offers a range of fixed and wireless connectivity products as well as voice solutions & IP phone systems.  ARC offers end-to-end communication solutions for the medium sized business including cloud applications and software as a service. The price-competitive service level agreements are backed by world-class customer service from a 24/7 technical helpdesk and a dedicated account manager to ensure excellent support from the technical support team.

Press Release from ARC Telecoms

Managed Networks (VPN) [Sunday, December 12, 2010]

ARC Telcoms Managed Network solutions offer companies a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide secure connectivity and seamless integration of facilities and business sites spread around the country, the continent or the world. A VPN solution will ensure all your offices, branches, mobile employees and even remote locations have access to a single company network.

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ShoreTel IP Phone System [Sunday, December 12, 2010]

Untangle communication complexity with ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple IP (Internet protocol) telephony and business communication solution. The ShoreTel system offers an all-in-one IP PBX, business phone system and Unified Communication (UC) platform in a single system that is as easy for the workforce to learn as it for IT staff to deploy, manage and scale.

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IP Voice services (VOIP) [Sunday, December 12, 2010]

ARC Voice is an enterprise ready IP voice service which can replace your existing fixed line telephone (Telkom)  service. Mid-sized businesses can convert their business to IP telephony quickly and easily   with a host of premium features that were previously only available through top-of-the-line corporate telephone systems. 

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Internet and data services [Sunday, December 12, 2010]

ARC Telecoms offers a range of internet and data solutions including wireless connectivity using microwave technology and fixed line connectivity through ADSL or fibre access. Choose between a business-grade broadband connection with low contention ratios or a premium connectivity solution which gives you dedicated, guaranteed speeds. All connectivity solutions come with a product appropriate service level agreement (SLA) as well as 24/7 support through a technical help desk and a dedicated account manager. 

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