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ASPIGON Engineering, Mining, Palisades


Heefer Street 97 Rustenburg, North West, 0299

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ASPIGON Engineering, Mining & Palisades is situated in Rustenburg and is equipped with a high performance palisade factory that can deliver high volumes of palisades to industry demand at high quality and accuracy.

ASPIGON Engineering also specialises in general steel fabrication and construction.

Press Release from ASPIGON Engineering, Mining, Palisades

Palisade Fencing [Monday, June 27, 2011]

ASPIGON Palisade factory fabricate Hot and Cold rolled Palisades using 2.3 to 3mm thick mild steel. Paling size: 40 x 40 x 2.3mm & 30 x 30 x 2.3mm.
Spike profile: Aggressive 7-spike, 3-spike, 3-spike Crown and Devils Fork - any choice for the same price!!
 We also offer the choice of V-slotted support channel or angle iron.

Suitable for Industrial, Residential and Public sector

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