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373 Melk Street, Nieu Muckleneuk Pretoria, Gauteng, 0181

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Aloeride® is the best 100% pure organic Aloe Vera product in the world today. It helps for all kinds of ailments and diseases, such as Parkinsons, eczema, acne, cholesterol, ulcers, allergies, crohn's disease, IBS, GERD, GORD, blood pressure, diabetes, rashes, herpes, hemorrhoids, sunburn, heartburn, constipation, etc

Aloeride® is the only aloe vera food supplement in the world manufactured to pharmaceutical GMP (classified as grade D (EU grade)/ class 100,000 (US class Federal Standard 209E) / ISO 8) standards,  including stability tests.

Because it consists of a hundred percent pure aloe vera extract, Aloeride® is genuinely efficient. Aloeride® improves the immune system holistically. It works as a protective and preventive shield against a series of possible disorders and is also active against existing diseases.

We also offer business opportunities to agents and affiliates.

Press Release from AV Africa Health Products

Pure Aloe Vera [Friday, September 24, 2010]

Pure Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) helps for diabetes, haemorrhoids, constipation, acne, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux,  Arthritis, allergies, asthma, acne, anemia, Aids, burns, boils, blisters, bowel regularity, blood pressure, Candida, high cholesterol, colitis, colic, cradle cap, chronic fatigue, Crohn's disease, dermatitis, dry skin, denture sores, duodenal ulcers, edema, Epstein-Barr virus, epidermal disorders, fungus, feline leukemia, flu, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, GERD/GORD, gingivitis, glaucoma, gangrene, gout, heat rash, herpes, IBS, infections, indigestion, inflammation, intestinal parasites, immune system, laryngitis, lupus, leukemia, liver conditions, multiple sclerosis, nausea, oral disorders, psoriasis, polymyositis, radiation burns, rashes, styes, seborrhea,  shingles, staph infections, sunburn, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, tumors, thrush, urticaria, ulcers, vaginitis, venereal sores, venous stasis, viruses, wounds
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