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9 Lilian Ngoyi street Middelburg, Mpumalanga, 1055

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Afri-Link Logistics CC is a Logistics Management Company that was established in 2006 and specializes in dry bulk road transport.Afri-Link Logistics CC is managed and staffed by a highly trained motivated and dedicated team of professionals with a vast knowledge of the transport industry. Afri-Link Logistics CC is based in Middelburg, South Africa with affiliate agents in Durban, Johannesburg, Richard’s Bay and Maputo Moçambique.


We believe that our long term success in accomplishing our mission and vision is dependent upon operating with a set of important values. Our core values are honesty, openness, passion, creativity and teamwork whilst partnering with our clients both locally and aboard. In order to achieve our values we maintain in hiring the most qualified staff and also by providing on going on the job training.

Press Release from Afri-Link Logistics CC

Stockpile Management [Wednesday, June 01, 2011]

Managing Stock yards (Coal / Chrome / Ferro Chrome / Manganese / Chrome Chips / Foundry Sands

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Warehouse Management [Wednesday, June 01, 2011]

We do warehousing for Bulk Materials, containerising and documentation up to FOB Vessel

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Logistics [Thursday, September 16, 2010]

We can and will bring your product to your client safe, complete and all on time

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Exports / Imports [Thursday, September 16, 2010]

We are exporters and importers of various commodities.

We are currently busy with the export of Ferro Chrome as well as Foundry in bulk and containerising. we have agents located at the border handling all our border clearing and agents in Mocambique looking after the management of our products as well as loading, containerising and shipping of our products to our clients' clients abroad.

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Top Best Works from Afri-Link Logistics CC

Warehousing [Wednesday, June 01, 2011]

Warehousing within Maputo Port

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